skin changes during pregnancy - Sriramakrishnahospital

What Are The Top 6 Skin Issues Faced During Pregnancy?

You might have heard about “pregnancy glow” but no one really talks about the skin changes during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a phase that brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body similarly there can be a lot of Click Here
urinary leakage - Sriramakrishnahospital

How Can Women Manage Urinary Leakage in Everyday Life?

Urinary incontinence is a condition which affects all age groups including both men and women, although it’s quite commonly seen in older women. It is not a fatal condition but can be embarrassing in most cases as it Click Here
First pregnancy - Sriramakrishnahospital

First-Time Mom? Here’s What to Expect During Labor and Delivery

For most moms, the first time they find out they are pregnant is one of the most exciting times in their lives. You will never forget the thrill of hearing the news, understanding that a little life is growing inside, Click Here
Fallopian Tube Recanalization - Sriramakrishnahospital

What Are The Different Fallopian Tube Recanalization Procedures?

The fallopian tubes are a female reproductive organ that can become blocked. Fallopian tube recanalization (FTR) is a surgical procedure that can clear the fallopian tubes. It does not involve surgery. What is meant by Click Here
Bacterial Infection vs Yeast Infection - Sriramakrishnahospital

Are Bacterial Infection and Yeast Infection the Same?

A woman’s vagina is a habitat for different microorganisms, including both good and bad. While the good ones help maintain the pH and also keep the vagina away from infections that can occur. The bad ones are Click Here
PCOS during Pregnancy - Sriramakrishnahospital

Pregnancy with PCOS: Risks, Treatments, and Outcomes

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is caused by an imbalance in reproductive hormones, which can lead to ovarian issues. During ovulation, the ovaries in a healthy menstrual cycle release an egg once a month. When an egg Click Here
Women's health checkups - Sriramakrishnahospital

Why is it Essential to do Women’s Health Checkups?

We are a part of fast-paced life where time usually doesn’t exist. And every woman has numerous things to accomplish in a single day, especially mothers who are pulled in every direction possible, leaving them no Click Here
Guide to Endometriosis Surgery - Sriramakrishnahospital

Comprehensive Guide to Endometriosis Surgery Types

Endometrial tissue lines the uterus of a woman. This tissue lining is referred to as endometrium. Every time you have your period, your body grows a new endometrium to get ready for an egg to be fertilized. This article Click Here
hypothyroidism in pregnancy - Sriramakrishnahospital

Does Hypothyroidism Increase the Risk of Miscarriage?

You may worry that hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, could lead to complications during pregnancy or a miscarriage if you have been diagnosed with it. On the contrary, hypothyroidism in pregnancy is associated Click Here
Ectopic Pregnancy - Sriramakrishnahospital

Ectopic Pregnancy – 5 Facts You Should Know

The effects of an ectopic pregnancy are vast and tragic. Even the loss of an unviable pregnancy can be devastating. Furthermore, an ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening for the mother. Depending on how early you Click Here


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