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Reasons Why Blood Donation Is Important?

The act of blood donation involves voluntarily giving a portion of one’s blood to be used for medical purposes, typically transfusions or the creation of life-saving medical products. Blood donation plays a Click Here
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How safe is blood transfusion in humans?

A blood transfusion could be a common medical treatment that includes accepting given blood through a little tube embedded into a vein in your arm. This possibly life-saving operation can help with the substitution of Click Here
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Blood Transfusions: What it is, how it is performed and its complications?

A blood transfusion is a standard operation wherein blood is given to you through a tight cylinder set inside a vein in your arm.  This possibly life-saving strategy can assist with supplanting blood lost because of Click Here
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When is blood transfusion required?

When is blood transfusion required? Blood transfusion is a life-saving process. Various diseases and procedures require a blood transfusion. Although safe in most cases, it may cause complications in some patients. Click Here


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