Reasons Why Blood Donation Is Important?

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The act of blood donation involves voluntarily giving a portion of one’s blood to be used for medical purposes, typically transfusions or the creation of life-saving medical products. Blood donation plays a crucial role in healthcare systems worldwide, as it ensures a stable supply of blood for various medical procedures, emergencies, and patients in need. 

Blood donation procedures have been a vital part of medical practice for many decades. They are commonly used in surgeries, treatments for cancer and blood disorders, organ transplants, and to support patients with severe injuries or medical conditions. By donating blood, individuals contribute directly to the well-being and survival of others, often helping to save lives in critical situations.

What are the 5 major reasons for donating blood?

If you’ve ever given, you know how good it feels to help other people (and it took less than an hour all together!). If you’ve never given blood before, it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous about it. You can get over your worries if you think about the top reasons why you should donate blood:

  • One donation can save up to three lives from fatality:

There are three main parts to your blood: blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Each of these parts can help a different kind of patient. Red blood cells are very helpful for people who are having surgery. Platelets are often given to people with cancer, and plasma is often given to people who have been hurt or suffered burns.

  • Nothing else can substitute for blood:

We tend to think that blood will be there when it’s needed, but blood can’t be made in a factory. It can only come from someone who gives it to the cause. Every day in India, about 30,000 units of blood are used, and every 2 seconds, someone needs a blood donation. Blood shortages happen often and could cause patients to have to wait longer for care.

  • Although a voluntary activity it is highly beneficial to you:

It’s a great way to help your neighborhood, and it only takes about an hour of your time. One of the best things you can do to help people and remember loved ones is to give blood. It’s very personal, and you’ll feel great knowing that your gift directly helps a stranger who is in desperate need. In fact, giving blood is great for your mental health as well. Several studies show that helping others can lower your stress, improve your mental health, get rid of bad feelings and feelings of being alone, and make you feel like you belong.

  • There’s always need for donors:

Every 7th person who goes to a hospital will need blood. And hospitals use more than 6,000 units of platelets and almost 6,000 units of plasma every day. That means that more than 10,000 people need to donate blood every day to meet the needs of patients. However, only about 3% of Indians give blood every year. Most likely, you meet the standards if you are at least 16 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and are in good health.

  • You can understand about your blood and its type:

If you’ve ever been curious about your blood type, giving blood is a great way to find out. You’ll also find out how much cholesterol you have. You get a free mini-physical before every time you donate. A doctor or nurse checks your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. Several illnesses, like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and Trypanosoma cruzi, are checked for in blood samples. This mini-physical can tell you a lot about your health and may be able to find a hidden health problem or risk.

Why is blood donation performed?

You agree to have blood taken so that it can be given to someone who needs a blood donation.

Every year, millions of people need to get blood from someone else. During treatment, some people may need blood. Some people need it because they were in an accident or have a disease that needs certain parts of blood. All of this is possible because people give blood. Human blood is the only thing that can be used for a transfer.

If you are looking to donate blood, reach out for blood donation in Coimbatore to ensure a safe procedure.

What are the benefits of frequently donating blood?

Reduced iron levels in blood:

This is good if you have too much iron in your body. When you give blood, some of the red blood cells that carry iron around your body are taken out.

Emotional benefits:

Knowing you helped someone else, even if it was a stranger, makes you feel good. Taking part in a blood drive with other people may also be good for you because it’s a good way to work together to do good.

How often is it healthy to donate blood?

If you give whole blood, you have to wait 56 days between donors. Your blood bank’s rules may require you to wait even longer.

Who is eligible to donate blood?

Healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 75 who meet certain conditions meet the blood donation criteria. The process is safe and doesn’t hurt too much.

During a standard donation, you will give about 470ml of whole blood. This is about 8% of the amount of blood in a typical adult.

This amount is replaced in 24 to 48 hours, and red blood cells are made again in 10 to 12 weeks.

Important Takeaway:

Although people are aware of blood donation yet, people fail to donate due to various issues. Donating blood not only benefits the recipients but also the donors are highly benefited. In case you have any questions about blood donation talk to your doctor. Visit a blood bank in Coimbatore to volunteer to donate blood.

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