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Hemophilia is normally an acquired bleeding problem in which the blood doesn’t clot as expected. This can prompt unconstrained bleeding just as bleeding after wounds or a medical procedure. Numerous proteins in the blood act as coagulation factors that can prevent death. Individuals with hemophilia have low degrees of either factor VIII (8) or factor IX (9). The seriousness of hemophilia that an individual has is dictated by the measure of factors in the blood. The lower the measure of the factor, the more probable it is that draining will happen which can prompt genuine medical conditions.

In rare cases, in a few people, hemophilia develops later in life. Middle-aged women or young expectant mothers can get a cure to this problem with proper bleeding disorders treatment

Causes of Hemophilia

Blood clotting occurs as a result of mutations in the gene responsible for holding the clotting factor proteins. When this mutation or change occurs it prevents the clotting proteins from functioning properly resulting in blood loss. The genes which undergo mutation are present in the X chromosome. Chromosomes are found in both males and females. Females carry XX chromosomes while males carry XY chromosomes. The XY chromosomes are also responsible for determining the babys’ sex. The X chromosome in males is inherited from their mothers while the Y chromosome is inherited from fathers. You can always visit the best hematology hospital in Coimbatore in case you notice any abnormality in bleeding.

The X chromosome holds a couple of chromosomes when compared to the Y chromosome. Now females have two sets of X chromosomes while males have only one. So when a male is inherited the mutated gene can have chance to develop the disease. Although in females hemophilia is rare. For hemophilia disorder to occur in females, one chromosome has to be defective and the other should not be in action or missing. Females are usually called carriers of hemophilia. In a few cases where families do not have any prior history of hemophilia one-third of the males have chance of getting hemophilia disorder.

Symptoms of Hemophilia

As the name suggests it can lead to excessive bleeding and easy bruising. Though the extremity of the disorder depends on the level of clotting proteins in the blood. 

Bleeding need not necessarily be exterior; in a few cases, bleeding occurs also in the interior parts. Any tiniest wound, cut, or bruise can lead to profuse bleeding.

Unexplained nose bleeding is quite common. You may spot bleeding in urine or stools which may indicate internal bleeding. Even though the bleeding has ceased it may tend to bleed after a couple of hours. Joints of knees and elbows can also profusely bleed which may get swollen and painful to move. Few people can also experience internal bleeding in the brain which may lead to a swell or bulge-like structure.

Diagnosis of Hemophilia

The major diagnosis is performed through blood tests recommended by the hemophilia specialist. Blood samples are collected and examined for clotting proteins. The diagnosis also includes asking about the family history as this is a genetically inherited disorder.

Treatment for Hemophilia

A few unique kinds of clotting agents are related to various assortments of hemophilia. The primary treatment for serious hemophilia includes getting a substitution of the particular thickening component that you need through a cylinder put in a vein. 

This substitution treatment can be given to battle a draining scene that is in progress. It can likewise be directed on a customary timetable at home to assist with forestalling draining scenes. A few groups get ceaseless substitution treatment. 

Substitution thickening elements can be produced using given blood. Comparable items, called recombinant thickening elements, are fabricated in a research facility and aren’t produced using human blood. 

Different Treatments might include


In certain types of hemophilia, this hormone can induce your body to produce more clotting proteins. It tends to be infused gradually into a vein or given as a nasal splash. 

Fibrin sealants.

These meds can be applied straightforwardly to twisted locales to advance thickening and mending. 

Non-intrusive treatment.

It can ease signs and side effects if inside draining has harmed your joints. On the off chance that interior draining has caused serious harm, you might require a medical procedure. 

Medical aid for minor cuts.

Utilizing pressure and a wrap will by and large deal with the dying. For little spaces of draining underneath the skin, utilize an ice pack. Ice pops can be utilized to dial back minor draining in the mouth. 


Despite the fact that blood items are screened, it’s as yet feasible for individuals who depend on them to contract sicknesses. In the event that you have hemophilia, consider getting vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.

Hemophilia Treatment - Sriramakrishnahospital

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