Understanding the migraine patterns and their types

Migraine Types - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Migraine is an episode of severe and sharp pain in either side of the head. Apart from headaches, there can be various other symptoms that also can be involved with the headaches. A migraine headache can be short-lived for about 4 hours or extended for about 72 hours. Migraine is unique when compared to other normal headaches. The majority of people experience four phases of migraine. Each phase is unique from other phases with its characteristics. The phases of a migraine include: 

Premonition phase:

Fluctuations in the mood or behavior tend to occur a few hours before the migraine headache.

Aura phase:

About a third of migraine patients report experiencing an unusual “feeling” or aura before the headache. Before the headache, the aura phase comprises visual, sensory, or motor sensations. Hallucinations, numbness, troubled speech, visual changes, and muscle weakness are all examples. People with migraine may or may not have an aura before the headache begins. You can get migraine pain treatment to help you find relief from painful headaches.

Headache phase:

This is the phase where the actual headache begins. Usually, there might be severe and sharp pain in the head on either or both sides. 

Headache resolution phase:

During this phase, the pain generally lessens. Few people tend to feel quite refreshed after an episode of headache, though few people may be irritated

Various types of migraines can occur

Classic migraine:

Classic migraine is also known as a complicated migraine. It starts with a mild symptom called an aura. This type of migraine is generally classified as migraines with aura. The aura is different for each person and can change how you perceive it. 

You may also have a weird burning or prickly sensation on either side of your body, along with muscle weakness. It may also be difficult to communicate. You may feel depressed, irritable, or restless.

Auras tend to last for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Auras might appear before or after you get a headache. The pain and aura may overlap at times, or the pain may not occur at all. Classic migraines can cause pain on either one or both sides of your head.

Common migraines:

This kind of migraine does not usually start with auras. As a result, these migraines are often known as “migraines without aura.” Common migraines may start slowly, stay longer, and interfere with daily activities more than classic migraines. Common migraines might cause discomfort on only one side of your head.

Migraines without headache:

Migraines without pain, often known as “silent migraines,” cause you to experience other migraine symptoms but without pain. At least not the regular migraine discomfort in the temples and around the eyes. There may even be an aura phase with this type of migraine. You may also experience the same sensitivity to light and sound as if you were suffering from a migraine. When you experience any pain, you can reach out to a migraine specialist in Coimbatore.

Hemiplegic migraines:

This type causes weakness on one side of your body, comparable to a stroke. These signs and symptoms will only last a short time. They are common symptoms of a migraine attack. The weakness may impact your face, arm, or leg. The weakness can persist anywhere from an hour to days. It usually disappears within 24 hours. Head pain might occur before or after the weakness in this type of migraine. This sort of migraine is extremely uncommon.

Retinal migraine:

This is also referred to as ocular migraines may cause visual changes that aren’t linked to aura vision changes. Reduced vision or even blindness in one eye are symptoms of retinal migraines. These symptoms are short-lived. They might happen before or after a headache. It is critical to notify your doctor if you are experiencing this type of migraine.

Migraines may be severe and require chronic migraine treatment to avoid further complications and treat them in time. 

Migraine Types - Sriramakrishnahospital

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