What to Expect During Brain Tumor Surgery and Recovery?

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A brain tumor is a condition when the cells in the brain begin to multiply uncontrollably leading to form a lump or mass. There are two types of brain cancers that include malignant and benign. 

A benign brain tumor is that usually grows slowly and does not spread to any other tissues. Although it may affect the growth and function of the brain. And if the benign tumor begins to show any signs that are interfering with brain function that an immediate surgery may be required. Also when the benign growth is not removed, it can turn malignant over time.

Malignant tumors on the other hand, as the name suggests are cancerous and few malignant tumors spread comparatively slowly and few cancers spread rapidly and may require immediate treatment. 

What are the common signs of brain tumor?

Usually the brain tumors do not show any immediate signs. And the early signs are quite rare. But once the tumor begins to grow and spreads to other tissues. The symptoms of brain tumor also depend on the stage or grade of the brain tumor

  • Throbbing headache
  • Constant feeling of pressure in the head
  • Worsened headaches especially in the morning.
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Vision issues
  • Body balance concerns
  • Troubles with speech
  • Constant feeling of fatigue
  • Hearing issues
  • Problems with concentration
  • constant hunger and unexpected weight gain

Benign tumors usually take a lot of time to develop and show signs considerably later on. Consult a brain tumor specialist in Coimbatore if you are experiencing any of these signs as early detection helps in a quicker recovery. 

What are the tips to follow before a brain tumor surgery?

Brain tumor surgery requires a lot of steps and preparation before undergoing a brain tumor surgery. Before the brain surgery physical examination and various tests may be performed before a brain tumor surgery. 

Few imaging tests like CT scans, angiography, MRI, and many more. 

These tests take clear and very detailed images of the brain tumor, the location, the size, and this helps to determine the site of the operation. 

What are the types of brain tumor surgery?

There are different types of brain tumor surgery which are recommended by the doctor after considering various factors like age of the patient, stage of the tumor, and many more.

Few common surgeries include:

Awake craniotomy:

Some people may have a tumor growing at the location where their sensory abilities like speech, touch, smell are controlled. In such cases, the doctor usually suggests an awake craniotomy. During this procedure, sedation is given only to the site of surgery but throughout you will awake.

Image-guided surgery:

In this type of surgery, various types of scans may be used. This surgery is recommended generally when the tumor is in a difficult position it is challenging to access the site. So the imaging scans may be used to view the site to ensure that nothing is left behind. 

These procedures may be performed in both open and minimally invasive surgery. Usually the brain tumor treatment option is recommended by the oncologist.

What are the steps followed during a brain tumor surgery?

The procedure of brain tumor surgery has various types, this is usually recommended by your cancer surgeon depending on the results of the diagnostic tests. 

  • Once you are settled in for the procedure, an anesthesia is administered. In a brain tumor surgery general anesthesia is given.
  • The site of the incision is cleaned and later on the surgeon will make an incision. It can be longer or shorter depending on the location and the size of the tumor.
  • The tissues and muscles are later moved or cut to reach the target location.
  • The surgeon then makes a cut on the skull bone and then the tumor is removed.
  • Once the tumor is removed, it can relieve the pressure of the blood vessels.
  • After this, the incision is later covered with stitches. 

What does the recovery after brain tumor surgery look like?

Usually the recovery depends on the type of the brain surgery performed. Although you might not get discharged immediately, you may need to stay at the hospital for about a week. This helps the doctor analyze your progress after the surgery. You may need to undergo a few scans to check if all the tumor has been removed and also to understand the health of the nearby tissues. 

The road to brain tumor surgery recovery may be slightly longer and it can vary from person to person. As few people may recover quickly it may take a little longer in others. You will be advised to place your head a little higher than the rest of your body as this avoids swelling. Painkillers are prescribed. You may observe slight swelling on your head that will subside over time. 

Few tips to help in the recovery after the brain tumor surgery:

  • Keep in mind  to take it slow, one step at a time.
  • Slowly start your activities, for example, if you are an active person start with slow walking for a shorter duration and slowly increase the duration over time.
  • Before doing or changing any of your routine activities, talk to your doctor as everyone’s recovery is not the same.
  • Continue to take your medications as prescribed and also it is important to complete your medication course.
  • As brain tumor conditions and surgery can be emotionally draining, seek help from a therapist. 

Important Takeaway:

Brain tumors can be both emotionally and physically challenging. But fortunately through brain tumor surgery you can completely recover from the brain tumor. There are various types of brain tumor surgery to choose from. Talk to the best neurosurgeon in Coimbatore in case you are looking to undergo brain tumor surgery, as it can help you get a better understanding.

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