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Our Neonatology Department at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is well-equipped with modern facilities dedicated to the new borns. With expert neonatologists we offer advanced treatment options along with providing the best care possible. Get in touch with our experts today.

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Leading Neonatologist Specialist in Coimbatore - Lifesaving NICU Care

The Department of Neonatology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital works with the best Neonatologist in Coimbatore who extends top quality care to neonates (both premature and sick full term) for a wide array of complex medical and surgical conditions. Our medical team administers the very latest in treatment and our NICU is state-of-the-art.

We strive to maintain international standards and great importance is given to infection-control practices which have led us to achieve excellent outcomes. We have great sub-specialty support from the departments of cardiology,  cardiothoracic surgery, paediatric surgery and radiology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by neonatologist?
Doctors that specialize in the care of newborn children are referred to as neonatologists. Newborns may exhibit a unique collection of health challenges that demand a high level of medical expertise and knowledge to manage. Premature babies and those with underdeveloped organs are particularly at risk.
The most prevalent reason for a baby's admission to the NICU is premature delivery. If a baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy, he or she is considered preterm. Low birth weight, unstable vital signs, and inconsistent temperature can all occur with premature newborns.
Infections of the neonate (newborn) acquired during prenatal development during the first four weeks of life are known as neonatal infections (neonatal period). Infections in newborns can be transmitted from mother to child, picked up in the birthing process, or acquired soon after birth.
Neonatology is a specialization of pediatrics that deals with the medical care of newborns younger than four weeks of age, particularly those who are born prematurely. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has the most advanced neonatology unit offering life to numerous babies who are born prematurely. The staff and neonatal specialists work round the clock and offer advanced treatments, making sure the baby receives the best.
Most kids who were born early grow to be healthy. By about age 3, their development and growth is usually on par with that of full-term babies. The first few years of your baby's life may be harder than those of a full-term baby, though. Most premature babies need extra care because they were born before they were ready.
Normal weight for a child is between 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg. Normal is also a weight that is a little bit higher than 3.5 kg. When your baby is born, if he or she weighs just under 2.5 kg, this is called a low birth weight.


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