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Organ donation is a wonderful way to help mankind. Organ donation is a process where you can donate your organs to other people so that they can get transplanted. For organ donation you need to be a healthy individual. You can also donate your organs for research or transplantation. You can donate each part of your body like kidney, heart, liver, intestines, lungs, pancreas, bone marrow, and corneas. Few donations can be made when you are living like bone marrow, kidney, and tissues. Usually organ donations are made after the death of the donor. Every year August 13th is observed as organ donation day. 

A single donor can save up to 75 lives with organ donation. Imagine how many people can be saved if every healthy individual becomes a donor and the numbers look magical. Not everyone can get the chance to find a suitable match. But once they do, they get a second to live life to the fullest.  Irrespective of age, caste, religion, and other factors one can always donate an organ. 

How to become a Donor?

People who decide to become a donor can visit a Center for Donation and Transplant or foundations who take care of organ donation and transplantation. There you will be required to fill in a few forms. Fill out your state or country’s donation registry. Or you can always choose to visit authentic websites for organ donation and fill out the necessary details. Ensure to explain to your family and friends if you want to be a donor. As at the time of organ retrieval, medical experts may inform your family and it should not come as a shock to them. Many people have misconceptions about organ donation. Take it as your responsibility to make them understand and also become a donor. Every year almost 1 million people in America wait for organ transplantation. 

People these days are choosing illegal ways to donate organs in return for money. These can be life-threatening to you as apart from being illegal you do not know risks involved. You can serve a jail sentence depending on the judgement of the government. You can also choose to be a particular organ donor instead of your complete body. 

Donating Eyes

Most of the eye hospitals now take responsibility for donations. Anytime you feel like donating your eyes you can always walk into a nearby Eye Donation Hospital and do the needful. Finding the right hospital is important as now many hospitals are fraudulent and we do not want you to go through all that. Donating any of your organs will never cost you a penny. But it can bring light into the people longing to live. 

Kidneys from Organ Donors

Usually, kidney donation hospitals choose people from their own families to donate a kidney at the time of transplant. Interestingly, the first living donor was Ronald Lee Herric who donated his kidney to his identical twin brother in 1954. The youngest donor was a baby who was suffering from anencephaly and survived only for 100 minutes and donated his kidneys to an adult with renal failure. And today about 118,000 individuals are waiting for an organ donation to live productive lives. 

Organ Transplantation is Necessary

Though people are supporting organ donation, they are not coming forward to register themselves as a donor. Data shows that 17 people lose their lives each day waiting for an organ donation. In case you require an organ transplant your Organ Transplant Surgeon can always look at the registry and find a perfect match for the transplant. Due to the health complications which are on the rise each day, the necessity for organ transplant has also increased. 

Organ donation has various myths. Keeping them apart imagine yourself giving a life to somebody. Government has taken many measures to bring social awareness among the people. Even after death, your organs will be alive in people spreading happiness. The joy that comes after is never measurable. Lead a healthy life and be the reason for someone’s happiness. Come forward to become a donor today.

Organ Donation - Sriramakrishnahospital

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