How Do You Ensure Your Kidneys Are Functioning Properly?

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It is important that you ensure that your kidneys are functioning properly because your kidneys remove the wastes and extra water to make urine, they are filtering about a half cup of blood every minute. The kidneys balance the water, minerals, and salts in your blood. Your muscles, nerves, and the tissues in your body may not work properly if your kidneys do not do their job. If you are thinking about how to check whether your kidneys are doing their job, our article is here to help.

Functioning of a normal kidney

  • Removing the wastes and toxins from the blood.
  • Regulating hormones and blood pressure.
  • Balancing blood minerals.
  • Maintaining healthy bones.
  • Keep your body’s fluid levels in check.
  • Releasing the hormones that produce the red blood cells.  

Check out symptoms of kidney disease

  • Urge to urinate often, especially at night times.
  • A small number of red blood cells in urine.
  • Swollen eyes.
  • Feeling thirsty often.
  • Swellings in the face, abdomen, hands, ankles, and feet.
  • Feeling of weakness
  • Fatigue

Check out risk factors for kidney disease

  • Obesity.
  • Heart disease.
  • Family history of kidney failure, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes
  • Usage of specific painkillers for a longer period.
  • Autoimmune disorders. 
  • Kidney stones.
  • Urinary tract infections

Ensure your kidneys are healthy by undergoing tests

Undergoing the right type of kidney function test may help you evaluate how well your kidneys are functioning or working. These tests are the best way you can ensure that your kidneys are functioning properly. Healthy kidneys do an excellent job in removing wastes and excess fluids from the blood. The blood and urine test results show doctors the efficiency of the functioning of your kidneys. They can detect if there are any damages in the kidney or any abnormal leak of excessive amounts of protein. The following tests are some of the most common kidney tests that help to identify issues in the kidneys.

⦁ Urine test

The regular amounts of albumin and other proteins may indicate damage. While taking a urine test for kidney function, the traces of a certain type of protein, albumin in the urine, may be an early sign of kidney disease.

⦁ Filtration Rate (GFR)

This test makes a measurement of how well the kidneys are filtering the blood. The doctor or surgeon makes the measurement of your creatinine levels and performs a calculation to find out your glomerular filtration rate ( GFR ). If the level is less than 60, it can suggest a kidney problem.

⦁ Examination of Blood Pressure (BP TEST)

High blood pressure damages glomeruli, the small blood vessels in the kidneys. It acts as the second-leading cause of kidney failure. If your score is 140/90, it is considered good on average. The best score is 120/80. Make sure to check with the kidney specialist in Coimbatore to see what is right for you.

Things to be followed to avoid kidney disease

  • Monitor your cholesterol levels.
  • Maintain the right weight.
  • Quit tobacco and alcohol.
  • Get to know your family medical history.
  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • Make sure that you are well hydrated.

Available treatment for kidney disorders include the following: 

Kidney disease treatment can include a kidney transplant and dialysis, and if found at an earlier stage your doctor may recommend medications to treat the cause of your kidney disease. Depending on the causes and on your body conditions, the medications can vary, from medications to treat high blood pressure to medications that protect your bones. The kidney transplant can take time because it involves finding a donor, living or deceased, whose kidney matches your kidney. Once the donor is found, the surgery can take place. If your kidneys cannot function by themselves, then you need dialysis treatment. This can include removing wastes and extra fluids from your blood and controlling your blood pressure. In most cases, a kidney transplant is often the treatment for end-stage renal disease over spending a lifetime on dialysis. 

By educating yourself about how healthy kidneys function, you will be able to ensure whether your kidneys are working efficiently.

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