Why is it Essential to do Women’s Health Checkups?

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We are a part of fast-paced life where time usually doesn’t exist. And every woman has numerous things to accomplish in a single day, especially mothers who are pulled in every direction possible, leaving them no time to take care of their health. Juggling between personal and work lives, women generally compromise their health. Healthy women make a healthy society, as they are the center of a family. 

Now we understand keeping a check every day can be challenging. There are various health checkup packages; you can now choose your health package according to your requirement. 

The importance of women’s health packages have various aspects and cannot be weighed down to one, as its benefits are limitless. 

What is referred to as a women’s health checkup?

Women’s health checkups are not usual, like when you visit a doctor for a cold or flu. A women’s health checkup involves screening overall health for total well-being.

The most comprehensive health exam will set a baseline for your overall health, update your vaccines, and evaluate your risk for future medical difficulties. 

Throughout a woman’s reproductive years, menopause, perimenopause, and various others, the screening needs will eventually change. Through routine health examinations, you can establish a rapport of trust with your physician and receive advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few potential benefits for women who choose to undergo health checkups at regular intervals,

The best way to make sure care has always been to prevent it. Screening tests for women’s health are important because they may have serious diseases like breast and cervical cancer. Screening helps find health risks as early as possible when they are easiest to treat. 

These health screening tests can find problems before they cause symptoms. Also, these are not only the best ways to prevent health problems but also an important way to find out how to improve and keep your health.

Helps in tracking your health and monitor it regularly:

Regular examinations through women’s health checkup packages make it possible to discover, monitor and treat a health issue or disease before a woman experiences her first symptom. Frequent health checkups, which allow individuals to monitor their health, are one of the most important aspects of preventive healthcare. 

Screen the genetic conditions:

Various inherited hereditary health concerns in women’s bodies are virtually guaranteed to manifest. Ensure you have the suggested women’s health checkup list, which can aid in the efficient treatment of the condition and the early detection of its progression.

Early detection of serious diseases:

A comprehensive physical examination helps medical practitioners detect warning signs and symptoms that women typically overlook to identify serious, potentially deadly diseases or lessen the likelihood of getting them. This also helps in maintaining women’s reproductive health and avoids any potential risks.

Detecting any lifestyle-related diseases:

In the case of women, reliance on technology and other lifestyle factors have contributed to the growth in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases. With a routine health checkup, doctors may evaluate organ function and insulin levels, which can aid in properly implementing suitable treatments in the form of medications and other measures to prevent such problems. 

The major screenings performed in a women’s health checkup:

Cervical cancer screening:

Cervical cancer screening uses a Pap smear to evaluate cervix health and find abnormal cells. During a Pap smear, your health care professional will scrape cells from the cervix. This sample will be examined for the cervical cancer-causing HPV virus.

Breast cancer screening:

Screening for breast cancer includes clinical examinations and mammography. During your annual checkup, your breasts will be seen and manually examined for size or form variations, lumps, dimpling, and rashes. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you will be evaluated to determine whether you have a higher risk of developing breast cancer due to certain genes.

Colorectal cancer screening:

On the interior of the large intestine, aberrant growths (polyps) give rise to colon and rectum cancers. Malignant growths can spread to other places of the body if they are malignant. A virtual colonoscopy examines the colon for disorders and ensures that any anomalies are detected and addressed promptly. Before you choose, know the  women’s health check-up package price to make a better decision. 

Diabetes screening:

Most individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2D) are typically ignorant of their illness. Blood glucose screening utilizes blood and urine tests to evaluate average blood sugar levels and provides an early detection tool for diabetes.

High blood pressure screening:

Blood pressure (BP) usually increases with age, often linked to high-risk conditions like heart disease, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and kidney disease. High blood pressure could also hurt important organs like the eyes, kidneys, and heart.

Although it is important to follow healthy tips for women’s health care, along with undergoing regular health checkup. 

Bone density screening:

As women age, the bone mass decreases, and the risk for osteoporosis rises. Loss of bone density results in brittle bones and prone to fractures.

A DEXA (DXA) scan (short for dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) assesses bone strength during bone density screening. The test findings can reveal the presence of osteoporosis before the occurrence of bone fractures or breaks.

Cholesterol screening:

Even though a certain level of cholesterol is good for your health, having too much of this fatty molecule in the blood can make it more likely that your arteries will harden (atherosclerosis). When blood vessels in the arteries get clogged, it can cause a heart attack, a stroke, or the start of heart disease (CVD).

Important Takeaway:

It is unacceptable to postpone or make excuses for frequent full-body checks, as health is essential, and we must do all possible to maintain and restore it. In the case of women, it is of the utmost importance to acquire the best women’s health checkup packages so that preventative measures can be taken even if any indications of illness or disease are present. Alternatively, it may become difficult to treat if it is identified at an advanced stage. Reach out to the best gynaecology hospital if you’re looking for the best health packages.

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