A Parent’s Guide to SRH Child Health Checkups

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Children are susceptible to various health diseases as their immune system is vulnerable, and their immunity system is still developing. To prevent the diseases, the child needs to undergo regular health checkups. 

Following this as a precautionary measure can prevent emergency visits to critical care. You can always choose the SRH child health checkup package through the website. 

What do child health packages include?

  • A complete physical examination of the body
  • Screening for developmental concerns
  • Screening for vision issues
  • Screening for hearing concerns
  • Blood level examination
  • Vaccinations 

Why are SRH child health checkups important?

Prevention of diseases:

If the child gets their scheduled shots on time, this could help keep them from getting sick. Checking your eyes and ears and what you eat are important parts of preventive care. This kind of care can help your child grow into a healthy adult.

Growth and development:

During the checkups, the doctor will assess the child’s growth and development since the last appointment. Each consultation will help you determine whether or not your child is meeting developmental stages at the appropriate time.

Communication with the pediatrician:

 SRH child health checkups will allow you to ask questions about your child’s development. You can use an appointment to ensure your child’s health and express your concerns regarding his ailment. Nutrition, growth, sleep, behavior, and exercise should be your primary concerns.

What are the benefits of SRH child health checkups?

Regular health checkups can provide reassurance or resolve your child’s growth concerns. A medical specialist will inform you if your child’s behavior follows a regular trend. They will also advise you on how to help your child at every age and developmental stage.

Health examinations advise feeding, nutrition, safe sleeping, and overall caregiving. Checks help you learn how to create a secure and close bond with your child.

Healthcare professionals provide suggestions supported by research and in accordance with current clinical guidelines. They will guide you to other resources suited to your child’s age and specific needs.

Checkups allow you to anticipate and prepare for your child’s next developmental stage. This might help ensure your child’s safety and foster their development. For instance, when children begin to roll, walk, and consume solid foods. Book your appointment with a Coimbatore children’s hospital to choose the right health checkup package for your child.

What should you expect during a child health checkup?

The child needs to take vaccinations to avoid different serious diseases. Visiting a pediatrician during the SRH child health checkup can help schedule the vaccinations to avoid missing out on any and also helps the child build the immune system.

During the SRH child health checkup, the child’s physical and mental health development and growth are closely monitored. 

The pediatrician may give a few tips and preventive methods for the child’s better health.

How often should a child undergo SRH child health checkups?

A child needs to go for an SRH child health checkup when the child attains the age of one, at 18 months, and this continues once every six months or one year depending on the child health checkup packages you choose, the pediatrician’s advice, even your child’s health. 

Every child is different; similarly, every child’s growth is also at a different pace. Not all of them achieve the growth milestones; hence treating them for any health conditions at the earliest is important. 

This precautionary step helps prevent any life-threatening conditions and avoids expensive last-minute treatments. 

What does the pediatrician monitor during a child’s health checkup?

Firstly a child’s pediatrician will closely monitor the child’s vision, hearing, development, and growth required for the age. This is usually checked with equipment or devices specifically designed for young children. The child’s head circumference, weight, and height are also monitored.

To check the mental activity, the pediatrician may assign the child to basic activities or closely monitor them while they play with toys. The pediatrician will also question the parents regarding the child’s food habits, sleep patterns, and usual behavior. 

This helps the pediatrician identify any delay in the development or growth of the child with respect to age and treat them in case of abnormalities. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health, you can clarify them with your best pediatrician to get a better idea.

Should an adolescent visit a doctor for a regular health checkup?

People of all ages need to visit a doctor for regular health screening. Although till the adolescent age, children require special care and attention towards their health to avoid any major diseases or complications. The following are monitored during the health screening for children or adolescents,

  • Your doctor will check your eyes, hypertension, heart rate, height, and weight and calculate your body mass index every year as part of your annual physical checkup (BMI).
  • In addition, screenings for conditions such as diabetes, obesity, anemia, high cholesterol, and tuberculosis may be performed.
  • Your doctor may want to perform an electrocardiogram to screen for heart illness and blood tests to look for thyroid and liver problems, but this will depend on the specifics of your case.
  • Your doctor may also recommend getting checked for HIV infection, sexually transmitted illnesses, and skin cancer, although this will depend on the factors that put you at risk.

Important takeaway:

Every child requires special care, hence getting your child to undergo an SRH child health check regularly to provide the best healthcare possible. Reach out to the  kid’s advance screening in Coimbatore if you’re looking to get your child’s health screening.

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