How Does Eczema Affect The Body?

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How Does Eczema Affect The Body?


Atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema, is a skin condition that makes the skin dry and red with widespread itchy rashes. There are many types of skin conditions, and eczema is only one of them. The downside of this rather simple-looking skin condition is that it increases the sensitivity of your skin, making it more susceptible to infections and dry surfaces. 

Know More About Eczema 

Eczema is basically a type of skin breakout. It is common in tropical countries and does not cause any major harm as such. You need not worry about getting the condition due to physical contact with a person with eczema. It is not contagious but needs treatment to soothe the irritation.

It is more commonly seen in newborn babies. They usually heal with age. It has no relation with gender, but the risk of developing it is higher if you have this condition running in your family. If you have allergies to dust, food, or certain substances, it is also likely that you will develop eczema. This is due to the high amount of reactive proteins in your blood known as IgE. 

What are the Causes of Eczema? 

According to Skin Specialists in Coimbatore, there are many factors that may trigger this skin condition, but it is primarily due to an overactive immune system. Other factors are genetics, stress, and other triggers in the environment; for example, certain soaps, tobacco smoke, certain fabrics like chiffon, and dust cause eczema.

If you stay in the coastal region with high heat and high humidity in the air all the time, it can irritate the skin, causing eczema. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Eczema? 

Mental stress like depression and anxiety disorder, anger issues, insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), muscle twitching, unwillingness to engage in activities, lack of concentration, etc., are important signs that are indicative of eczema. 

As this is a skin condition, the diagnosis needs a back-up of a physical manifestation of the condition, primarily the characteristic red, bumpy, itchy, and irritating rashes. This is usually surrounded by scaly and dry skin. 

How do I Know I Have Eczema? 

You will notice red bumps on your skin that are itchy. They are rarely painful or cause a burning sensation. They can appear in any part of your body, mainly your neck, feet, face, hands, chest, and ankles.  It can occur at any age and to any gender, but you are at a higher risk if you are a female. If you have a family history of skin conditions, asthma, or hay fever, you should watch out for this. It is not generally serious or life-threatening.

The best course of action is to contact your physician if you notice the mentioned signs and symptoms. Your doctor will take a detailed medical and family history with a detailed dermatological examination to confirm the diagnosis. If needed, your doctor might take a skin allergy test to definitively identify the causative factor and prevent future incidents. Consult the best dermatology hospital in Coimbatore 

What is the Best Eczema Treatment? 

Your doctor might prescribe you certain drugs or ask you to apply some OTC drugs on the rashes. Staying in a cooler area is recommended. Do not scratch the skin even if itching persists, as it will only worsen the skin there. With regular application of a topical ointment, the lesions will heal, and symptoms will subside. Use hypoallergenic moisturisers or oils on the area and avoid perfumed skin products. Perfumes with alcohol may also worsen the rashes, further drying up the skin.

However, keep in mind that eczema is a chronic skin disease, and there is no cure for eczema. It can keep recurring for years. For recurrent rashes, use topical cortisone ointments or ask your doctor for oral antihistamine drugs.

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