How to Choose the Right Hair Loss Treatment for You?

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Losing a few strands here and there is totally fine in both women and men. Did you know that it is normal to lose 100 strands of hair everyday.  But when you start losing hair in bundles all of a sudden without any reason then you may need to worry. 

Hair is considered as the richest ornament and losing it can be stressful and can impact your wellbeing. We can even ignore a few gray strands but losing hair in chunks is something we can never make peace with. 

When you start to lose hair suddenly can mean there might be an underlying health condition that requires immediate help.

What are the causes that lead to hair loss or hair fall?

Hair loss that can be hereditary:

This kind of hair loss can occur to both men and women, and is often considered as the most common cause of hair loss. There may be pattern hair loss in men and women, this condition is often termed as androgenic alopecia.

Once the genes of hair thinning or hair loss is inherited, you may also begin to experience hair loss even in your teens and few may develop hair loss quite late in life. 

In women you can notice the hair thinning, and in men you can notice receding hairline. 


Generally when people age the hair follicles lose their capacity to grow leading to hair loss and new hair does not grow. The natural color of hair is also lost due to aging. 

Alopecia areata:

Alopecia areata is considered an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system cells affect the hair follicle cells. People with alopecia areata can experience hair loss in any part of the body including hands, eyes, and ears. 

Stress factors or other illness:

Experiencing a traumatic event, or even recovering an illness can lead to hair loss in men and women. 

Tight hairstyles:

In case you regularly style your hair in a tight ponytail can pull your hair to the maximum extent leading to permanent hair loss. 

Hormonal imbalance:

Few conditions like PCOS may cause an imbalance in your hormones. Hair loss can also be brought on by hormonal imbalance. 

Few other causes of hair loss can also include certain scalp infections, and also if you are dealing with thyroid conditions. Also you may experience hairfall due to dandruff and it needs treatment to avoid severe hair fall.

What are the factors to consider before undergoing choosing the right treatment plan?

Before considering the right hair loss treatment you need to consider certain factors like:

Diagnosis and consultation:

Find the best clinic or hospital that can help you with the right diagnosis as only with accurate diagnosis the right treatment plan may be recommended. 

Treatment plan personalization:

Finding an ideal clinic can help in getting the treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. 

Treatment safety:

When you look for the right treatment it is also important to find one that offers completely safe treatment. Seek hair loss treatment in Coimbatore to get the expert care and treatment for hair loss.

What are the common hair loss treatment options offered?

Hair loss treatment options are usually wide and for certain conditions lifestyle modifications can be followed. Medical treatment options for hair loss:

Hair transplant:

A hair transplant is a method that transplants hair to bald or thinning parts of the scalp. It is normally reserved for patients who have tried other hair loss therapies. It is sometimes referred to as hair repair or hair replacement.

The medical practitioner takes grafts, or tiny pieces of skin, from body areas with good hair. The area with the thickest hair is typically on the head, at the back end of the scalp. The medical expert places the grafts in the areas of the scalp that lack hair. The transplanted skin is supposed to continue to produce hair after it has healed. 

It may take up to a year to see the full effects of any hair transplant. As the graft or flap heals, the transplanted hair may start to fall out. That is completely normal. The grafted hair tends to grow back eventually. 

Platelet-rich plasma:

In order to enhance tissue function, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used, which are fragments found in blood. Platelet-rich growth factors (GFs) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), and platelet concentrates are additional names.

To treat and repair the hair loss, various PRP products are often administered as injections. When there is an injury, platelets in the body aid in the formation of a blood clot. Platelets contain growth factors and cytokines that aid in the repair of wounds and promote healing. 

What is the prognosis of the treatment for hair loss?

Majority of people who experience extreme hair fall tend to notice hair growth with accurate diagnosis and treatment. If regrowth is a concern, the sooner you start therapy, the more likely it is that regrowth will take place. 

It is crucial to know that:

To be patient with the process as it can take time to show expected results

A single treatment may not show the results in most people, and you may need about one or two treatments.

Not all types of hair loss can not be treated, especially when seeking treatment is delayed. 

What is the outlook for people experiencing hair loss?

Hair loss may occasionally be a symptom of a deeper illness. However, thinning hair by itself is safe for health.

You may experience temporary or permanent hair loss, depending on what is causing it. Certain kinds of hair loss can benefit from treatments. Counseling can assist with illnesses like alopecia areata, which can affect both adults and children.

Is hair loss permanent or temporary?

Hair loss can affect your entire body or just your scalp, and it can be either temporary or permanent. Hereditary factors, hormonal changes, illnesses, or aging itself could all have a role. Even though anyone can face hair loss on their head, men are more likely to do so.

Important Takeaway:

Hair loss can occur at any stage and to anyone. But it’s important to look for the signs that indicate severe hair loss and seek immediate medical help as delay in the treatment may lead to permanent damage. Consult the best dermatologist in Coimbatore to know your treatment options for hair loss.

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