If psoriasis is not treated, what will happen?

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Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that triggers rapid cell growth in the skin. The onset of Psoriasis is when plaques and itchy scales on the skin are visible. Usually, normal skin cells develop and shed off after a month. With psoriasis, the skin cells die within 3-4 days and become a pile resulting in plaques. These plaques differ in size from person to person. In a few cases, these plaques may itch, burn, and sting. Early detection is always important, as psoriasis always shows up abruptly, and looking out for symptoms is very crucial. As you notice even the slightest skin problems in any area including the scalp and skin folds, consult the Best Skin Specialist to cure the problem. 

Risk Factors of Psoriasis:

Causes of Psoriasis are not evident, but chances of hereditary inherence of the problem is quite possible. Coming from a family of skin problems can increase the risk of the disease. There is no such complete treatment for the disease. Due to the development of medicine around the world few effective treatments to calm and control the disease have been found. Psoriasis treatment can soothe your plaques and can make them bearable. After a few months, the plaques shed and few can even notice clear or nearly skin. Psoriasis can always flare up suddenly. So taking precautions and care if the disease has subsided is very important. 

Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA):

People tend to neglect the symptoms and a few may also discontinue the medications for various reasons. This can be fatal as prolonged psoriasis can lead to various other health disorders. Most widely observed health issue associated with psoriasis is Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). This is a condition where you may notice swelling associated with stiffness around the joints. Statistics show that one in five people with psoriasis can develop PsA. Psoriasis treatment has to be taken in the early stages to avoid further complications. PsA can damage your body to a great extent. Eyes, and the heart are among those organs that can be affected. Crohn’s disease is a condition of inflammation of the digestive system. If you experience any pain or inflammation in joints and are dealing with psoriasis, reach out to a Skin Hospital in Coimbatore to avoid the disease from further spreading.

Types of Psoriasis and its Effects:

Different kinds of psoriasis have different effects when left untreated. There are a lot of physical risks also involved. In scalp psoriasis, there are chances of losing your hair. It may also be a permanent effect. In severe cases, you may also lose your nails. Sometimes psoriasis can flare up extremely leading to a condition called Erythrodermic psoriasis. When the plaques turn uncontrolled visit the Best Skin Specialist to get treated. 

There is research and reports that prove psoriasis has developed into cancer in a few people. The risk of developing cancer is entirely dependent on the severity of the disease and the condition of the person. Site-oriented cancers are evident like squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma, and basal cell carcinoma. Ensure to immediately get yourself diagnosed at a Dermatology hospital in case you experience any complications. National Foundation for Psoriasis reports has shown that treating psoriasis, declines the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular problems.

Depending on your body conditions, conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, liver conditions, erectile dysfunction, and metabolic diseases. Apart from physical risks, there are a lot of mental risks that are associated with this disease. This disease can lead to a decrease in quality of life due to the long tiring process of medications and treatments. Few may also develop depression unable to handle the pressure. Psoriasis is not subjected to treating your topical layer of skin, it includes drastic changes in your lifestyle. The advancements in the dermatological field have brought various developments in the treatment of psoriasis bringing relief to the people combating the disease.

Psoriasis - Sriramakrishnahospital

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