What can one do for Sinus Problems?

Sinus Problems - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

What can one do for Sinus Problems?

Sinus infection is a multi-faceted condition that causes a variety of disturbing symptoms. These symptoms may last for weeks if the infection is chronic. The involvement of multiple parts of the respiratory tract can make things worse. Sinus infection treatment must focus on relief from the troublesome symptoms.

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Thankfully, the sinus infection is treatable with antibiotics and other medicines. Let us dig deeper to know simple and effective ways to manage annoying symptoms.

Pain – You will experience pain in any of the sinuses because of the infection. The pain is dull and constant. You will feel the pain in your teeth, around the nose, or forehead. Sinus headaches spoil your fresh mornings because of the overnight fluid collection.

Mucus discharge through the nose – There will be a greyish or greenish discharge through the nose. It will force you to blow your nose often. The source of this discharge is your sinuses. It can drain towards the back of the throat, bypassing the nose. It is a primary cause of nighttime cough.

Loss of smell and nasal congestion – You will struggle to breathe through the nose because of congestion. Nasal congestion will also affect your sense of taste and smell.

Sore throat – Sinus infection causes throat pain because of post-nasal drip. It will also make your voice sound hoarse if the sinus infection is chronic.

Visit an expert doctor at any established sinus hospital in Coimbatore to seek treatment if the symptoms worsen.

Getting Rid of Sinus Infection

Routine antibiotic treatment or over-the-counter medicines may not offer a satisfactory maxillary sinus treatment. It is because the infection is deep inside the cavities of sinuses that are laden with discharge. Sinus infections require symptomatic and supportive therapy. Follow these tips to combat sinus infection and the associated symptoms:

Stay hydrated – This will help flush the annoying virus thick mucus out of your system.

Add immune-boosting foods to your diet – Some spices such as ginger, garlic, and onions help enhance immunity. Do not forget to sip ginger tea to boost your innate immunity.

Moisten the sinuses – Dryness of sinuses can worsen the symptoms. Use a humidifier in the bedroom to prevent nighttime nasal blockages. Keep nasal sprays of saline water handy and use them often to maintain moisture in the nasal passages.

Warm facial compress to ease the pain – Sinus infection can cause pain all over your facial region. Placing soft towels around your face by dipping in warm water will help you get relief from the disturbing pain.

Try These Time-Tested Tips to Beat Sinus Infection

Acute sinusitis can throw you out of gear. Use eucalyptus oil for massaging your forehead and chest. It contains cineole, a potent ingredient that has proven efficacy in nose infection treatment. You may also put a drop of this oil in your mouth and rinse it down the throat with water.

Nasal irrigation is another age-old sinus infection treatment. The neti pot treatment also finds its mention in ancient Ayurvedic books. The neti pot has a drain pipe that helps you pour a stream of saline water into one of your nostrils. By keeping the head at a specific angle, let the water flow out from another nostril. You can flush all mucus and bacteria by using the neti or nasal irrigation technique. Practice the same often for the best results.


Sinus infections can be annoying because of multiple symptoms. Acute infections are treatable with simple remedies. You need to consult a doctor at any reputed sinus hospital in Coimbatore if the sinus infection is recurrent and chronic. You should limit the use of OTC medicines as these are only for temporary relief.

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