What happens if nasal polyps go untreated?

nasal polyps is a condition associated with chronic rhino sinusitis-Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Nasal Polyps is usually a tear-drop-shaped benign growth in the nasal area or mucosal lining of the nose. It feels like nasal congestion similar to that which you experience during a cold or flu. But this congestion seems to persist due to the blockage. They look fleshy-like with swelling and are non-cancerous. Nasal polyps are triggered due for various reasons. If you feel like your cold is never ending and experience congestion in the nose visit a Nasal Polyps Specialist for treatment.

Usually, nasal polyps are a condition associated with chronic rhino sinusitis. The mucus lining in the nasal region helps the air you breathe in to pass without foreign particles. So when you suffer from flu or cold you experience a runny nose which is generally due to the inflammation of the mucosal lining. When the inflammation persists for more than 12 weeks it develops nasal polyps. Women are less likely to suffer from this disorder than men. They are most common in people over 40 years of age. Children below 10 years are the least likely to be affected. In case you observe any abnormal growth in the sinus region consult a Sinus Doctor for further diagnosis. It can even affect people who have no previous history of nasal problems. A few other conditions that trigger the development are sinus, asthma, Aspirin sensitivity, Hay fever, and Cystic Fibrosis.

Nasal polyps are ignored by people assuming it to be a boil or any normal infection. When these nasal polyps are left untreated, they develop serious health conditions like Obstructive sleep apnea, Asthma flare-ups, and sinus infection. 

Here are the possible complications of untreated nasal polyps:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

This is a condition where oxygen flow stops at different intervals during sleep. The period where the oxygen flow is stopped is known as apnea or apneic episodes. If OSA is left untreated it creates health complications like stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.

Asthma flare-ups:

Asthma flare-ups are generally known as asthma attacks or exacerbations. This is when the asthma condition worsens and it may also occur when the asthma is controlled. You may experience an extreme shortage of breath and fatigue. 

Sinus Infection:

Sinusitis is usually an infection due to the inflammation of the mucosal tissue lining in the passage. The sinus is a hollow space between the eyes and behind your cheekbone. This space is responsible for the mucous secretion to keep the lining moist. In acute sinus conditions, the face may feel filled and have a puffy appearance. Visit your nearest Nasal Polyps Hospital in Coimbatore to avoid further complications and get immediate help.

Nasal polyps are usually not fatal but when left untreated they trigger many health problems which severely damage your body. It is always recommended to reach out to a Nasal Polyps Specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. 

Nasal Polyps are diagnosed by Nasal endoscopy, CT scan, MRI, and Polyp biopsy. These are conducted at Nasal Polyps Hospital in Coimbatore. Once the specialists diagnose you with Nasal Polyps, you will be required to take Nose Polyps Treatment which usually includes medication in most cases. Medications are administered orally and drugs like anti-inflammation; antibiotics to reduce the size of poly are given. In very rare cases, polyps may lead to complicated problems like meningitis, orbital cellulitis, and osteitis.

Though it may be benign, swollen tissue it can cause trouble leading your daily life. Ensure that sinus, flu, or cold get treated immediately to prevent the development of polyps. In case you develop polyps consult your doctor and take proper Nasal Polyps treatment to avoid further problems. Any abnormality ignored can cause severe complications. As it is widely said is better than a cure. 

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