Here’s why constipation could become a serious problem

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Constipation is a condition that occurs when the bowels in the human body become difficult to pass due to hardened bowels. It is usually due to diet changes and consuming low quantities of fibre. Usually, if the person had bowels less than three times a week it is considered as constipation. Few people tend to have bowel movements three to four times a day while others may go once or twice a week. It may differ from person to person and depends on the body system. The stools get harder as long as they stay in the body. A few other things that are associated with constipation are:

  • Hard stools
  • Stools that are difficult to pass
  • Severe pain while passing stools and feeling of fullness even after passing stools

Who are likely to experience constipation?

Old-aged people

Old individuals will quite often be less active, have slower digestion, and have less muscle compression strength along with their gastrointestinal system than when they were young. Best treatment for chronic constipation can be provided by a specialist who also diagnoses your condition accordingly.

Women, particularly while you are pregnant and after labor

Changes in a lady’s chemicals make them more inclined to constipation. The child inside the uterus crumbles the digestive organs, which makes the passage of the stool comparatively slow. 

Inadequate high-fiber food sources

High-fiber food sources keep food moving inside the digestive tract. 

Consumption of certain medications for Constipation

Having certain neurological illnesses of the cerebrum and spinal bone and stomach-related issues. Gentle constipation is normal, and these sessions are not generally a reason for concern. Medicine and way of life changes can assist with reducing gentle constipation, and symptoms of it include: 

  • three or fewer bowel movements each week 
  • dry, hard, or uneven stool 
  • troublesome or painful solid discharges 
  • feeling incapable to empty the bowels completely
  • Bleeding in the stomach or digestive organs can prompt dark stools. 
  • Dark blood in stool demonstrates bleeding high up in the intestinal system. Dark-colored blood might show draining lower in the gastrointestinal system. 
  • Bleeding can happen for a scope of reasons, including gut pain, a tear or tissue harm in the digestive tract, a bleeding ulcer, or a growth, which might demonstrate digestive disease. 

Regular factors can likewise cause dark stool, like eating blueberries or licorice or taking iron tablets. Be that as it may, if an individual is bleeding from the rectum or they notices blood in their stool, they ought to consult a specialist for constipation treatment immediately. 

  • Individuals with constipation might strain excessively and develop hemorrhoids. These are little pockets of tissue around the rectum and a normal site of bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract. 
  • Hemorrhoids can cause small quantities of bright red blood to show in the stool. 
  • Minor hemorrhoid bleeding isn’t a reason for concern, however, a lot of blood in stool establishes a crisis. It could demonstrate a damaged part of the digestive system that requires quick clinical assistance.

An infected appendix:

This includes the appendix becoming inflamed and at times contaminated. Side effects incorporate constipation, loss of appetite, fever, and extreme stomach pain, as a rule in the lower right abdomen of the stomach. 


This includes little pockets in the digestive organs diverticula becoming infected or inflamed. A few indications incorporate weakness, vomiting, fever, and pain that feels more severe in the left lower part of the stomach. 

A strangulated hernia:

A hernia can become detained, or stuck. If this occurs, the region might be difficult and feel firm. A hernia can likewise immediately become strangulated, which implies that the stomach isn’t getting sufficient bloodstream, prompting constipation and extreme stomach pain. It is a health-related crisis. Consult a specialist for constipation in case you suffer constipation associated with abdominal pain.

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