How can one defeat addiction?

Addiction Treatment - Sriramakrishnahospital

Addiction is technically explained it is a compulsive disorder or need for and to use a thing or substance. Addiction is used in both positive and negative explanations. But widely they are preferred in substance abuse cases. Addiction can be to various things like alcohol, smoking, or even drugs like heroin. It is not needed that these can only be the possibilities of addiction, you can also be addicted to eating sugar at high levels which is also unhealthy. However, getting rid of substance abuse addiction is a lot more difficult than other addictions.

The major reason that leads to addiction is environmental factors that include your family, your surroundings, and most importantly peers. Few people start due to any family disputes or family problems they face. Children get influenced by their peers who encourage them to try it. And in a few cases people also start it to experiment or to know how it feels. And when people continue to do so, unknowingly they fall prey to these drugs. There are four stages involved in addiction: Experimentation, Regular use and Abuse, Dependency and Tolerance, and Addiction. Then begins the stage of treatment and recovery. Addiction in a few cases can begin slowly over the years. Few drugs build addiction quickly. 

In most of the addiction cases, quitting can be very hard. This is because addiction substances affect your frontal cortex of the brain in such a way that it alters the control and judgement impulse. Compulsive behavior begins when your brain responds to the substance. It stores the memory of the substance and makes you crave for it. 

You need to understand that your body is under control of you and not anybody or anything else. Though deaddiction may feel very difficult in the beginning, it is never impossible. You can always decide to quit at your convenience. Set a date and mark it down, work towards it as your inspiration. 

Recovery can always begin at home, you do not always require rehabilitation centers. You can always choose to get Addiction Therapy from professionals. Few methods which are proven to help you out of addiction:

Healthy Peers: Unhealthy peer groups can always be a bad influence on you. Always choose your friends wisely. Ensure that you are friends with people who motivate and encourage you for the good. Staying connected with such people can help you stay grounded and will be your greatest motivation to quit. Get the right support. 

Companion: You can always choose a person who is close, to pour out your feelings and thoughts can always be a boon to you. They can be anybody, maybe from your family, friends or even your therapist. That anyone who does not judge you and instead becomes your biggest strength. Do not shy away from  even the experts. An Addiction Psychiatrist can also help you to get away from the addiction and lead you to recovery.

Healthy Lifestyle: Your road to recovery requires you to make healthy changes that help in your journey. Maintaining a diet and regular exercise helps you release the toxins in your body. Keeping your body clean. 

Distract Yourself: Distracting away from thoughts is very crucial. Keep your mind engaged in alternative things. Like grab a book, watch a good movie, indulge in something that you are good at. This way you can also build a new habit and also learn out of it. 

You may experience withdrawal symptoms in the beginning, but as it goes on, Time heals everything. Stay positive throughout the Addiction Treatment in Coimbatore. Always keep a note of your peers for any behavioral changes and if you notice any symptoms of addiction encourage them to seek help from professionals. Ask them to visit a Counselling Doctor for counselling which brings a great difference. Decide to always be happy and healthy.

Addiction Treatment - Sriramakrishnahospital

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