The need of better treatment for Depression

Depression - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

The need of better treatment for Depression

Anxiety, pressure, sadness, feeling low sometimes are the responses we encounter in various situations of life that may usually disappear. Unlike these feelings, depression is entirely different. It remains an under-recognized and under-treated condition because most people think clinical depression and its associated symptoms will go away on their own and neglect the treatment.

If you do not seek proper treatment for your depression, it may lead to several disorders or worsen the existing conditions. So, try consulting the psychological doctor and start immediate therapy from the best psychiatrist hospital in Coimbatore.

What is Depression?

Depression is one of the major mental health illnesses which affects millions of people every year. One in four people experiences a depressive episode in their lifetime. For some, depression may be mild, having symptoms for about two weeks, but depression is a chronic illness for most patients.

Although the symptoms are clinically invisible over time, depression has a significant negative impact on a person’s social, physical, and mental well-being. To avoid unfavorable circumstances and enjoy a happy life with your family and relationships, you need proper treatment at the initial stages itself.

What Are the Associated Diseases With Depression?

Depression is associated with persistent pain, fatigue, lack of energy, and consuming excess alcohol and food. It also increases functional impairment, decreases work productivity, significantly decreases life quality, and often people think of death and suicide. Most of us ignore physical illness and stay in denial, increasing the risk of severe depressive illness. If you or your loved ones suffer from depression or observe any symptoms, talk to your psychological doctor.

Some chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, HIV, and AIDS can trigger depression in vulnerable individuals. Patients with depression experience premature death related to cardiovascular diseases, severe stroke in the brain. It is not recommended to take medications and supplements for your problems without a proper diagnosis from a therapist.

What is Preventing You from Taking Steps to Get Treatment?

Getting treatment for your depression can improve your physical and mental health. However, most people delay the therapy because of social stigmas, scarcity of services, lack of coverage for mental health. For instance, people believe myths about mental illness and its treatment, which usually enhance our feelings of stigma. In contrast, receiving treatment like antidepressant medications or cognitive-behavioral therapy can improve a person’s condition in weeks and reduce future episodes’ risk.

So, this is the right time to stop assuming the societal prejudices around depression and call the helpline number of the best psychiatrist hospital in Coimbatore.

Why Do I Need Treatment for Depression?

Clinically depressed people experience extreme physical pain equal to their mental distress. The anxiety and stress associated with depression may lead to sore muscles, joint pains, fatigue, digestion problems, and sleep disruptions. During these depressive episodes, you cannot make your own decisions, and you may recur negative thoughts than usual. Even activities like meditation and yoga performed to relieve stress are difficult to carry out when depressed.

At some point, people may no longer bear the emotional pain, feel helpless and decide to end their life. As there is more risk of suicidal competencies, treating depression is an essential part of your healthcare. And most importantly, it is necessary to stay connected with others during these depressive periods and try alternative solutions.

Although there is no single treatment for depression, psychological doctors suggest many effective treatment options based on the type and severity of your depression. It is important to have a combination of medication, therapy, self-care, and commitment to health behaviors, such as exercise and eating well, to manage chronic depression. For severe depression, doctors suggest combination therapies that may include medications, psychotherapy and they prefer electroconvulsive treatment for people who have more suicidal thoughts.


Better treatment of depression is necessary because if left untreated, depression impacts your quality of life, worsens physical illness, and provokes suicidal thoughts. Do not unnecessarily strain and suffer yourself; seek personalized care at the best psychiatrist hospital in Coimbatore.

Depression - Sriramakrishnahospital

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