What are the Effective Ways to Manage Panic Attacks?

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Managing panic attacks can be extremely difficult and complete treatment for them is not quite possible and also they can occur at any point of time. But understanding your pattern and following a few simple mindful techniques management of panic attacks can be possible. 

What is meant by a panic attack?

A panic attack is described as a sudden and strong physical reaction to a non-threatening situation. While suffering a panic attack you might feel difficulty in breathing and also you tend to sweat a lot. It may feel like you’re having a heart attack. 

Panic attacks are not life-threatening but they can highly interfere with your daily life and reduce the quality of life. There are various panic attack causes that may trigger an attack.

What other conditions a panic attack may be associated with?

Panic attacks generally point at an underlying health condition and they are often associated with a different condition. Common conditions include:

What are the common signs and symptoms of a panic attack?

Panic attack can begin out of nowhere and the symptoms build up within 10 minutes. Most common signs of panic attacks include:

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Severe trembling
  • Chills 
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Numbness in legs or fingers
  • Sweating 

Panic attacks can be extremely unpleasant and also frightening. Consult the best psychiatrist in Coimbatore if you experience any of the mentioned signs immediately. 

What can trigger a panic attack?

No matter who they affect or how they appear, panic attacks do not occur randomly. Despite the fact that the panic attacks can occur unpredicted and appear spontaneous, there are a few risk factors that may serve as triggers. 

There is no particular situation that may lead to panic attacks but even the simplest things like an injection or even speaking to a crowd may lead to panic attacks. But in a few just a thought of panic attack may lead to a panic attack. 

Who is at risk of developing panic attacks?

Panic attacks can occur to anyone of any age, but there are a few factors that may increase your chances of panic attacks.

What are the 7 effective tips to manage panic attacks?

There are ways to effectively manage panic attacks. But they cannot be achieved overnight, it is important to follow religiously to get panic attack relief. 

  • Know your signs:

Panic attack signs differ from person to person and when you notice the signs of panic attack that you have previously suffered, few of them include increased heartbeat, difficulty in breathing you may need to calm down. As a panic attack to follow it may take about 20 to 30 minutes. Keeping your mind calm and distracting yourself can help in reducing the intensity of a panic attack. 

  • Get help from the experts:

As soon as you notice the first sign of panic attack or you have already suffered your first panic attack then it is important that you immediately visit a psychiatrist for help. There are various ways that can help you prevent a panic attack from recurring. Cognitive therapy is identified as the best way that can help manage a panic attack.

  • Take Prescribed Medications:

Though medications don’t give complete recovery from panic attacks. Taking medications during a crisis can help in calming the symptoms. But it is also important to follow the right prescription advice as overdose can lead to fatality. These medications can help you in reducing the intensity of a panic attack although not everybody requires medications. Speak to your doctor to find if you need medications or panic attack treatment to help manage the attacks. 

  • Take deep breaths:

When you experience a panic attack, the most common sign you may notice is hyperventilating or difficulty in breathing. Due to this you may feel dizzy, weak, and choked. But once you start to take deep breaths as soon as the signs of a panic attack begin it can calm you significantly and also makes your breathing much easier. Try to take a long breath through your nose and then calmly exhale through the mouth. Or you can also take a deep breath through your nose and hold it for a few seconds and then release it. You can do this as many times as you like. 

  • Divert your focus:

In majority people when you begin to have a panic attack, it can get worse when you keep thinking of it. Alternatively you can try to shift your focus and simply put all your energy in that particular thing. It can be anything, it may be an object or even an activity. Try to focus all of your attention on it. This helps your mind to relax and divert itself from a panic attack. Doing so the impact can be significantly low. 

  • Avoid overthinking about a panic attack:

Remember the more you think, the more frequently a panic attack occurs. When you overthink with “what ifs” it can create stress and tension in your mind leading to a panic attack. Remember you can always manage a panic attack with the right help. Talk to a stress doctor in Coimbatore for various ways to do it, to avoid putting your brain under unnecessary stress. 

  • Make time to care for yourself:

Stress is one of the most common panic attack causes. Make a little time of your 24-hours to do absolutely anything that you love. It may be a 10-minute walk, paint, read a book, or even cook your favorite meal but remember to do them without any distractions. This helps you not calm your body and mind but can also highly benefit your day-to-day productivity.

Are panic attacks considered dangerous?

No, panic attacks are not dangerous, but they can be frightening. Due to the symptoms they can cause people experiencing a panic attack can feel extremely uncomfortable and they may also seem like they may fall or faint. They can get worse and frequent overtime if proper treatment is not provided. 

Important Takeaway:

Panic attacks can occur to anyone although women are at a higher risk. Seeking immediate help as you notice signs can help in managing them efficiently and when proper panic attack treatment is received you may not experience a panic attack more than once.

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