How to Improve Your Sleep Quality: Tips and Tricks

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Sleep is often ignored or even at times taken granted, lack of sleep can lead to various problems of the overall health. Especially mental wellbeing can be deeply affected. Did you know 1 in 3 face troubles with sleep. With the modern life schedule and the pace, the majority of people do not find adequate time to rest or sleep. 

Health can significantly deteriorate if people do not give enough time to sleep. When did you most recently wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy Or even waking up feeling good about looking forward to the day? Doesn’t it feel like it’s been quite a while?

A good night’s sleep can help to improve your productivity, mental health and can put a happy mind frame throughout the day. 

What are the reasons for poor sleep quality?

There are various reasons why people may develop sleep disturbances. Most common one being a hectic work schedule. And even a few days of disturbed sleep can disrupt the entire sleep cycle. People who have experienced a major trauma in their lives like losing someone close. 

Few people may also use their phones or any other bright light devices can also have a disturbed sleep cycle. Inadequate amounts of sleep may also be the reason for various sleep disorders.

What is meant by sleep quality?

Sleep quality is entirely different from sleep quantity. Sleep quantity is the amount of sleep  you can get at night. While sleep quality determines how well you sleep each night. Determining the sleep quality is quite simple. Adults sleep quality should range something about 7 to 8 hours. 

Usually good sleep quality is characterized by factors like, 

  • Getting to sleep under 30 minutes hitting the bed.
  • Waking up only once through the night or even sleeping through without waking up even once.
  • You have no trouble sleeping through the recommended hours. 
  • Once you wake up, go back to sleep within 20 minutes. 
  • Waking up feeling completely energized without any laziness. 

Seek sleep disorder treatment in Coimbatore from the experts to restore your sleep quality. 

How fast can an individual fall asleep?

Every individual is different. So every individual falls asleep at a different time. Usually adults fall asleep within about 20 minutes. If you are tossing in the bed for more than 30 minutes that means it’s insomnia. 

Few people go straight to sleep the moment their head touches the pillows, it may be because they are sleep deprived and that is a sign of inadequate sleep.  

What are the 8 tips that can help improve the quality of sleep?

  • Increase your exposure to bright light during the day and dim light during the night:

Human body’s natural clock is called circadian rhythm. It signals your body when to stay awake and when to sleep. When you are exposed to a lot of bright light during the day keeps the circadian rhythm healthy and likewise it helps you sleep through the night. 

If you expose yourself to too much bright light during the night, it can disrupt the circadian rhythm and makes falling asleep difficult during the night as bright light can confuse the body’s natural sleep cycle.

Hence it’s important to follow this to fall asleep quickly. 

  • Limiting caffeine late during the day:

A boost of caffeine can help you be more productive and keeps you active. Caffeine is known to activate your nervous system and prevents your body from relaxing. Caffeine can stay active in the body for about 6 hours and consuming high caffeine late in the afternoon can lead to poor sleep quality. 

  • Reduce naps during the day:

Taking irregular naps during the day can make sleeping during the night. As sleeping during the day can confuse the circadian rhythm. 

  • Maintain a proper sleep routine:

We usually wake up at the same time on weekdays, but on weekends we tend to sleep in for a little longer. But this is not recommendable as it can disturb your sleep cycle. Hence it is very important to sleep and wake up at the same time to sync with your body. 

  • Avoiding consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol consumption late in the night can lead to sleep apnea and also snoring. Alcohol can interfere with the melanin production which is important to balance the circadian rhythm.

  • Make changes to your bedroom:

Adjust the light settings in the bedroom to make it more dim. Ensure there is no loud noise and make it more comfortable. If needed, invest in a good quality mattress to improve sleep quality.

  • Take a relaxing bath:

Taking a warm bath before sleep can relax your muscles and also calms your work stress of the day, helping you to sleep during the night. 

  • Know what you eat before sleeping:

Eating heavy and spicy can make you feel heavy and uncomfortable while you sleep. And it can affect the sleep quality. Eating light and easily digestible foods before sleep can help make you asleep soon. Also it is important to eat at least 3 hours before sleeping.

Important Takeaway:

Sleep plays a major role in overall health. A disturbed sleep cycle can lead to various mental and physical health disorders. Maintaining a proper routine for sleep ensures you have mental and physical wellness. Knowing what’s disturbing your sleep cycle and fixing them can help in regulating the sleep cycle. Consult the best psychiatric doctor in Coimbatore if you are facing any trouble with falling asleep.

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