Diets our Consultants Recommend

Weight Loss Consultant - sri Ramakrishna Hospital

1. Enjoy Fast Food Weekly, but Make Smart Choices

Fast-food Friday may comprise grilled chicken sandwiches on bean burritos, whole-grain buns, or vegetable-topped personalized pizzas. The reality is that pizza can certainly be a better option if it is covered with veggies instead of fatty meats, particularly when it comes to whole grain pizza crust. Ask for an extra pizza sauce. (It is high in tomato phytochemicals.)

2. Drink No More Than 1 Diet Soda a Day

Instead of swapping sugary beverages with their diet versions, you should choose to keep the dietary intake of soda and chemical sweeteners to only one drink a day. It makes more space for hydrating water and balanced green teas.

3. Include Fiber-Rich Food

Avoid breakfast cereals with fewer than 3 grams of fiber. These cereals generally consist of too much sugar and do not provide the balanced nutrients you need to stay energised throughout the day. Look for cereal containing fiber, because these are typically lower in sugar, too. Or consider switching to whole wheat toast and eggs for breakfast.

5. Pump Up the Protein

Making a point of consuming protein at any meal or snack. Consultants recommend eating whey, soy or egg white protein. White meat like fish and chicken is also a good source of protein.


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